Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Thank You Gift

Over Labor Day weekend, we celebrated Grizzle's first birthday at my parents' house.  Family and friends came and swam, ate, and sang "Happy Birthday."  Now, anyone who has been to my parents' house before a party knows how crazed my mom gets trying to prepare food, clean, and make sure everything is in order.  She runs around yelling and ordering people to do things hours before it needs to be done, and she always prepares too much food and worries about every crevice of her home being clean enough.  However, all this craziness leads to a very successful party.  But this party was different, due to her friend, Joan, being there to help her.  Joan arrived a few days before the party to help my mom prepare the food and set everything up, and the difference in my mom's demeanor was huge.  Everyone couldn't believe how calm my mom was the morning of the party.  She was like a different woman, and it was all due to her friend being there to help.  Now, my mom's friends and other family members always offer to help clean up during and after the party, and they tend to make a big production of it, but Joan was like the stealth helper, always being one step ahead of my mom in terms of what she needed to have done.  Joan took pictures, set up decorations, made sure enough food was out, and chatted with guests, all without saying a word to my mom. 

A thank you card didn't seem like enough, so I decided to knit her a felted bowl since she admired the one I made for my mom. 

I also added some knitted acorn ornaments, and I love how they turned out. 

I hope Joan likes it.  Thank you, Joan, for showing me what true friendship looks like.

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