Monday, August 23, 2010

Why does life go by so fast...

...when days just creep along?  That's one of my favorite lyrics ever from a song called Bend the Light by Fighting Gravity.  So true.  Tonight, we went to the Parent Orientation meeting at my son's preschool, which he starts next week.  How is it possible that my baby is starting school?  I know he will love it and do well, but I am so nervous.  I just want everyone to see how wonderful he is in every way...sigh.  Being a parent can be so hard. 

Since I'm still obsessed with this Pumpkin Loaf yarn, I made myself a little iPhone cozy.  I get so annoyed when my phone constantly falls out of the little pocket in my purse and falls into the vast depths of the main part of my bag, so this cozy should help it fit into that pocket a little better.  :)

Isn't it cute?  Man, I just love the colors.  I want to eat it up.

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